Are Fake Flowers a Faux-Pas?

A lot of people are quite opinionated on fake flowers. A lot don’t care. Within home décor, I think they can be great. Especially in seasonal décor, I like artificial blooms. They add a pop of colour, can be very affordable, and aren’t even necessarily trying to fool anyone into thinking they’re the real thing. They’re just another decoration.

The thing that got me thinking about the subject, however, was wedding talk. Myself and dear Fiancé are in the process of planning our wedding, and inevitably, the subject of decorating has come up! With weddings, a lot dislike and a lot totally adore silk flowers. I can see the benefits. They’re available out of season, allergy-friendly, can be DIY’ed with some basic skill, and most importantly, can be made in advance. Oh, and the options are somewhat endless. But I’m not fooled into thinking they’re ever real, regardless of the price point – and I’ve seen some beautiful (and costly) examples.

I’m undecided with my own wedding. I’m not sure I can justify the cost of real blooms for just one day, and there’s also the stress of them being last minute and someone else doing them. I appreciate that faux flowers can cost more than real, but they last infinitely longer! I do like the idea of potted flowers and plants. They seem a lot more ‘natural’ to me. They’re growing, they’re still alive. I really like that aspect. And as I mentioned with artificial flowers, I like the thought of them being prepared in advance, knowing exactly what they look like and there being no chance of wilting.

Clearly, undecided!

I certainly, however, do NOT think that fake is a faux-pas. I cannot understand some people’s strong aversion to them. Each to their own, definitely, but I don’t think anything as simple as a silk flower can be offensive to anyone! It’s its own thing. It doesn’t have to be a poor representation of a real flower. It doesn’t have to be compared to a real flower at all. It’s not real. It can be enjoyed for being a pretty, silk decoration in it’s own right.

I’ve often incorporated artificial flowers into my Top Picks under £10 posts, and at that price range, there’s definitely no fooling anyone about the fabric of the flowers. But I still like them. They can still add vibrancy and softness to an otherwise dull corner.

Let me know how you think the real and fake flowers above compare. I’d also love to hear  your opinions, especially if you have favourite brands, or species. Or even your reasons for not liking silk flowers. Leave me a comment below :)

For now, with love,

Driftwood Candle Holder for a New England Coastal Style Dining Room

IMAG1829Okay, hands up, this isn’t driftwood. But it looks like it. When I saw this two pillar candle holder in TK Maxx, my first thought was ‘Ooooh, wow, look at that!’, almost instantly followed by ‘It’s so strange, is it ugly?’, luckily followed by ‘I don’t care, I love it!’.

I really do love one off pieces, and I haven’t seen something quite like this before. I’ve seen lots of handmade driftwood candle holders (pillar and tea light), etsy is an excellent place to buy a unique one, and pinterest is perfect for inspiration if you want to DIY your own.

IMAG1827 This one was a little different though. It’s quite light in colour, almost like it’s been white-washed, although it’s just the lovely colour of the wood. There’s only a very little label, stating it’s made in China, and a description of ‘Candle 2 Hold. Dragon Root’. Not giving much away then.

I can only assume then, that this is actually made from the root of the Dragon Tree. Googling the matter doesn’t one hundred percent confirm that idea, but it’s a pretty good bet I think. It looks like a lovely bit of weathered driftwood to me though so I’m super happy with it. And it was a total bargain at just £4.99. I’ve seen much more expensive pieces that haven’t been half as wonderful and quirky as this, so I just couldn’t refuse.

IMAG1826I think it will look lovely in the centre of the dining table, on a nice contrasting, blue table runner and maybe one or two other items. I really like table decoration. I think it can be a great conversation starter, and also makes your table look pretty while it’s not in use. I think everything in a room should look appealing as well as functional.

I’m really loving New England style decorating. It has enough of the nautical touches to remind you of the sea and travel, but also a lot of freshness. I think it looks very ‘clean’ in a way some cluttered, over-the-top beachy schemes don’t. I really don’t want stuffy, over-done décor!

This is something I’ll probably cover soon in a blog post, as the more I plan out our living room décor, the clearer I’m feeling on what it is I want and more so, what I don’t. There’s so much choice out there for absolutely everything these days that I want a clear idea of the feel we want to create for the room before we get to work on the pretty stuff. There’s still a lot of plastering and boring bits to sort out before that though!

So without further ado, I’m going to get back to the sugar soap.

For now, with love,