Home Decor Trends 2017

I’m a big believer in going with what you like and not necessarily following trends, but if you’re stuck in a rut, need some inspiration, or are simply wondering what might be popping up in the shops this year, then continue reading for the suggested big home decor trends for 2017.



This has always been a great way to add interest and intrigue. Textured fabric sofas will be popular, meaning velour and velvets will continue to be on the rise. If you’re not into such heavy fabrics, pleats and folds can add texture to the most lightweight delicate fabrics, and still provide that sumptuous, albeit delicate feeling.

Terracotta and Unglazed Ceramics

Botella White Terracotta Vase, Maisons du Monde

Another thing I keep reading about and seeing is terracotta. Earthy, natural materials will be big this year, with terracotta, natural clays and raw white taking centre stage. No more glossy, glazed ceramics, it’s all about getting back to nature with these rustic items.


Olive Green Drizzle Flower Vase, CatMackGlass on Etsy

There’s a huge shift away from DIY items this year, and more focus on Artisan crafted pieces. Well designed, professionally made quality pieces are key, so perhaps splurge on one bigger, eye-catching piece per room and streamline the look elsewhere so all eyes are on your works of art. If you don’t have the cash to splash, then look in charity shops or eBay, for well made pieces that are a fraction of the cost of new items.

Tropical and Botanical Prints

SANTANA tropical print folding screen, Maisons du Monde

This was big in fashion last year, and will be even bigger still this year. No surprise then, that I’ve been featuring key prints on cushions, wallpaper and decorative items for the past six months then. Now in so many high street stores at such affordable prices, this is a trend everyone can get into.


Dulux Endurance in Kiwi Crush, B&Q

As I mentioned in Sunday’s post, Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery, and this fresh, vibrant shade looks set to take off in home décor this year. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, where you can take a big hit of colour on the walls, or introduced more subtlely in living areas and bedrooms alongside those tropical elements, it’s a perfect shade for every room of the house. Let the outdoors in.


Dream Big Collection, H&M

If green really isn’t your scene, thankfully blue is also big for 2017. With a move away from straight up Indigo inkiness, classic navy and vibrant cobalt are key this time around. Lucky for me, I picked cobalt as my main colour alongside all things white as a whole-house scheme, so it’s great to find out it’s on trend this year, as it should make buying key pieces even easier.


Laura Velvet Headboard, Wayfair

Statement headboards are back in too. Plush, quilted velvet styles (very reminiscent of the 90s for me) are back with a vengeance, and add to that sumptuousness we mentioned when talking about texture. This is something I’ve read about quite a lot looking into this year’s key trends, though I had to admit, not one I can envisage fitting into my own home at the moment.


Graham & Brown Orange Butterflies Printed Wallpaper, House of Fraser

Something else I’ve seen mentioned more than once is butterflies. It’s certainly a print that’s easy to purchase on the highstreet. On cushions, wallpaper, artwork etc. there’s a huge array of butterfly themed products out there. Furthermore, the designs come in almost every colour combination, so whatever your current scheme, you can join in this trend without having to redecorate your whole home.

Hot or Not? Marble and Brass

Beleven August Coffee Table, Barker and Stonehouse

This is not clear cut. Some out there are still claiming marble and brass are still popular, and will continue to be this year, other’s are saying the over saturation and multitude of faux attempts mean it’s on it’s way out. Which for me means only one thing. Do you like it? If you do, fantastic, it’s still all over the high street and easy to purchase. If you love it, you won’t mind whether stylistically it has staying power or not. And if you’re not a fan? Then great, as mentioned in points one through to seven, there’s a whole host of other trends out there for you to try this year.

Ultimately you want to be happy in your home. So I will never advise anyone that they HAVE to have a certain thing or other. We’re all different, and we all like different things, so take your inspiration from what’s around you and create a home you’re proud of, that sometimes you like to show off, but most of all, that you love to be in.

For now, with love,



Upcycled Cable Knit Jumper Cushion Cover Tutorial

The clocks recently went back here in the UK, and now the nights seem darker and colder, it’s time to amp up the cozy in your home. If candles alone aren’t adding that snuggly feeling, it’s time to bring out the blankets, and double up on cushions and pillows.

I love the look of cable knit cushions come Autumn/Winter. I saw this Ralph Lauren one online, with it’s simple cable design, and minus the cashmere blend, knew I could create something very similar for a fraction of it’s £89 price tag.

I decided to look for a cream cable knit jumper I could upcycle, and scored the jackpot, when in the first charity shop I looked in, I found this cricket style jumper for a mere £1. Although the collar looked a little worn, the body of the garment is in excellent condition, and although it’s acrylic rather than cashmere, at least I have the added bonus of being able to chuck it in the washing machine, which is the very first step.

You will ideally need an overlocker for this tutorial. It is possible you could make it work with a couple of rows of zig zag stitches instead, but as that isn’t a method I’ve tried, I’ll let you make your own mind up on that one.

If you have a sweater without such a large V, you could make two simply rectangles or squares, insert a zip and have a nice straightforward cushion cover, not unlike the basic design of the Ralph Lauren one.

As my jumper had the deep V neck, I didn’t have the length I wanted in the front, and the back wasn’t large enough to create two squares from, so I knew I’d be doing a fold over design.

You want to overlock your pieces straight from the jumper. With a knitted piece like this, the chances are if you cut it first, it will be part way unravelled before you get it through your machine. I carefully serged up the sides, and across the top. Be careful to pay attention to the direction of your sewing, and that you are serging/overlocking your centre pieces, and not the edges around them.

imag3455imag3457Once you have your two rectangular pieces, you can play around with where you want to fold them, and work out if and how much excess you’ll need to overlock and cut off to give you your desired shape.

The next step is to sew the two wide, overlocked edges together (right sides facing). I recommend using pins to keep the two pieces in place, and try and line up the cables as best you can for the most professional finish.

Next, fold down the top, and then fold up the bottom section, and pin together. Where they overlap, in the middle, you will have a section that is three layers deep. Be careful with your machine, pin everything, and sew slowly.

imag3461Because of the deep folded over section, there is no need to add a closure, however if you want to, you could always add buttons and button holes, a zipper, velcro, whatever you fancy. I left mine as is because it worked fine, and kept the final cushion nice and soft with no harsh bits in the centre back.

Et voila! Your very own cable knit jumper cushion. I’m really pleased with how it turned it. If you decide to try it out, please let me know in the comments below!

For now, with love,

Kitchen Tile Paint – Stage 3

Following on from Stage 2, as promised, I’m back with some images and details now that my tiles are white!

I had prepped, prepped and prepped again, and was so ready to be painting over the jazzy tiles, that I could barely wait to get the dust sheets taped down and get started. Because of the texture in some of the tiles, I was unsure how a paint roller would cope, and had anticipated perhaps having to do the whole job with a brush.

I started with a narrow edging brush anyway, and worked my way around all the edges. Like a gloss paint, as long as you work quickly and smoothly, the paint did level surprisingly well. I was also impressed with how well it was covering.

It did say on the paint can that depending on the colour of your existing tiles, one may or may not suffice. Now, some of mine were deep brown, so I didn’t expect them to cover in one coat, but I was really impressed with how well it did cover. Yes, it would definitely need a second coat, but I knew it wouldn’t need more than that.

IMAG2780As I had purchased a small gloss paint roller (foam) and tray for the job, I thought I may as well give it a go, and was also pleasantly surprised by the time I’d finished. To begin with, I did have a few moments of panicking whether or not I’d done the right thing. It hadn’t covered perfectly, and it took a few moments to self level, and I was awfully worried I’d just made a big mess. But at that point, I’d already gone too far to go back, so just kept rolling the paint on.

By the time I’d done the main tiled wall, it had levelled a lot, I’d lightly touched up some patchy areas, and the overwhelming feeling was that the kitchen was already feeling brighter.

As expected, the single can of paint wasn’t going to do a second coat, so I had to wait a few days until I could purchase another before I could continue, but second time round I was feeling much more confident. I did have to continue using the brush a little here and there to get into some of those awkward angles caused by the un-level tiles, but overall I think it’s a huge improvement.

You’ll notice in the picture as well just how WHITE it is. It’s a lovely and bright fresh white. And certainly showed up how grubby the painted wall and ceiling were! Good job I knew I had those to scrub and paint too.

I’m getting there now with this little project being finished. The wall has had a couple of coats of paint and looks great, the ceiling has had a couple and doesn’t. It’s just so badly stained, it’s being a bit of a pain. I’m going to buy some more specialist paint and give that a go, as a single coat and one regular emulsion coat didn’t suffice. Then I just have the top of the windowsill to sand and gloss, and a new blind to purchase and put up and I’ll be done!

It’s so far, so good, and as a temporary measure until we re-do the kitchen (and have that icky ceiling fixed) it’s great. So much nicer to walk into this bright white room everyday when I’m making my morning coffee!

I’ll show you some finished pictures once the ceiling and everything else is done.

Have you been decorating recently? Thinking about starting a project? Please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear how it’s going!

For now, with love,