One Box Challenge 2016 – Declutter With Me

Hopefully, you read my One Box Challenge 2016 – Jewellery Declutter post from a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned Rachel from Sweet and Simple Home, and her One Box Challenge. The motivation behind a group challenge like this is great, as is seeing other people’s videos on YouTube, and pictures on Instagram.
If you don’t follow me on Instagram yet, you should – I already gave everyone a sneak peak of what was in my box.

Well, I finally decluttered the whole room, and also added the couple of bits I already had in my ‘donate box’.

If you don’t have a dedicated box/bag/space for charity/thrift donations, I definitely suggest it. It makes decluttering so much quicker and rewarding. I find it especially useful for clothing, but it works for everything. If I come across clothing that no longer fits or I don’t like, it goes in the box. Once it’s full, or when I do a big declutter like this day, I already have a good headstart to motivate me to declutter more.

There are six large charity bags in total, some clothing, shoes, bags etc. One large, heavy bag is just crafting materials I know I’ll no longer use. And another is home type stuff, hence the picture. To keep this a “one box” challenge picture, and with this being my home-based blog, I thought I’d show you the contents of that particular box. Or bag, as it has ended up.

There’s a huge floor pillow/bean bag. Some dinner placemats. A plastic basket. A floral table runner. Some small plastic baskets. A large green mat from Ikea. Some battery powered dragonfly lights. Candle holders. A jewellery box. Some artificial flowers I no longer care for. Tea light holders, a phone cable, wooden drinks coasters, decorative pebbles, a table centrepiece mat, a small key or bag hanger, some photo frames with felt inserts I made from my craft fair days, and a sequinned bottle bag.

The reason there’s so much random ‘around-the-house’ stuff in one room, was because it was all stuff I no longer needed, that had been relegated to various boxes and bags and inevitably ended up in the room closest to a junk room.

Well I don’t need a junk room, because no one needs junk! There’s a few bits I chose not to get rid of, because although I don’t use them regularly, they WILL be useful (aka Christmas decorations etc.) that went into the loft. The trash bag became two trash bags, and a handful of bits I didn’t photograph were sold on eBay.

It’s amazing how much you can dig out when you get started. It’s also surprising how what looks like a few items can take up a huge amount of space, especially in a small room. So far, I have six garbage-sized bags of charity donations, including the clothing, but I still have some drawers to go through, and if I was really honest, I could probably clear some more. But I’m almost there now, and just need to think of a way to organize what’s left so that my ‘writing room’ can finally be used for that. Although with the recent purchase of my sewing machine, it may now become a writing/sewing room, but I’m totally ok with that.

Hope you’ve been loving decluttering, I’d love to know your tips and what you’ve been getting rid of this summer! Leave me a comment below, and I’ll look forward to getting back to you.

For now, with love,

One Box Challenge 2016 – Jewellery Declutter

If you’re a tidy sort of person, and you love YouTube, you’ve probably heard of Rachael from Sweet and Simple Home, and her One Box Challenge. As the name suggests, the idea is to take one box, and declutter until it’s full.

Needing some motivation to start the journey of decluttering our house, in particular what is supposed to be my Writing (and sewing) Room, but has fast become my Junk Room, I turned to YouTube. I find home maintenance, improvement, decorating and cleaning videos really motivating, and it wasn’t long until I stumbled upon the One Box Challenge.

I don’t have a YouTube channel to take part that way, but I will be posting my pics on my Instagram page @athomewithellen, and of course, going into detail here.

Now, I still haven’t finished sorting through the room, despite already filling two boxes of charity donations, a bag and a half of trash, and a giant cardboard box full of all the smaller cardboard boxes I’d been hoarding for… what reason? I want to wait until I’ve done the full room declutter (there’s lots I need to let go of) before I reveal my boxes, but in the meantime, I have a smaller box to share.

Over the years, the last fifteen probably, I’ve amassed a large amount of costume jewellery that at the time I’d loved, but had gradually became too young, too out of fashion, no longer my personal taste, and sometimes just broken. But for whatever reason it’s never made it’s way out of my house. Well, it will have soon!

I sorted through, and only kept my fine jewellery, and a couple of costume pieces I really adore, and the rest had to go. I mean, I already added to jewellery box to the donation pile, so I had no where to keep it now anyway. Great idea! I bundled it all together as a mixed lot auction for eBay, and can’t wait to pack it up and send it off to a new home.

The great bit is that when I weighed it to calculate the postage costs, it weighs OVER A KILO! There’s nearly two and a half pounds of “junk” cleared out just like that! Such good motivation, even if the size of the box is tiny compared to everything else I have ready to pass on.

If you need some inspiration to get decluttering, I definitely recommend checking out Rachael’s channel and playlists, as well as the countless other fantastic YouTuber’s out there. For cleaning inspiration and tips, I love Jen, at How Jen Does It, I’d definitely recommend checking her out too.

But, back to tidying and decluttering for me!

If you have any motivation tips, please share  them down below in the comments!

For now, with love,