Four Christmas Decorating Themes and How To Create Them

With less than five weeks to go, you have most likely started thinking about Christmas by now. Which means you’ve probably bought a present or two, or at least made a list. Wondered where you’re going for dinner, or how many you’re cooking for, and if you’re even slightly into home décor, you’ll definitely have imagined your perfect Christmas scene. If you’re drawing a blank and need a little extra inspiration, keep reading for four of my favourite themes, and some tips on how to create them.

Scandi Ski Lodge

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If you’re craving the feeling of a roaring fire in a cozy cabin, chances are you’ll love the Scandinavian look for Christmas. Red, white and grey are your key colours, and felt and wood are your top textures. There’s still plenty of room to play around as well, you can go more traditional and erring on the rustic side, more modern and playful, up the white for a real snowy vibe, and add extra ski imagery for that holiday at home feeling. I think of red and white fairisle knits, snowflakes of course, and also stars. But the odd pair of skiers in a snowglobe wouldn’t go amiss, and neither would a rustic wooden deer or two. Pass the cocoa and marshmallows please!

Rustic Goodness

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This is my kind of traditional look. It’s more outdoorsy than a lot of people’s ‘traditional’ Christmas. I love rich fragrant evergreens, pine cones aplenty and deep, glossy red holly berries. I like tartan and hessian and, I guess, a slightly different kind of cabin vibe. Perhaps I’m sensing a theme here, and a desire for that roaring fire, now that we no longer have our fireplace! It’s simply my favourite Christmas look, as I mentioned in my November Top Picks post. The key is keeping it simple – not in terms of quantity, but in terms of variety. Have plenty, have too much, garlands and wreaths and boughs, but keep the non-plant (whether real or artificial) elements to a minimum. Perhaps you’ll pick hessian and plain red, or a tartan and deep green, a stag or a robin theme. Just don’t overdo it and mix in glittery stars and cartoon Santas or you’ll lose the natural outdoorsy tone.

Whimsical Wonderland

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This was my main rival in my décor contenders for Christmas this year. Sometimes you fancy a change, and again, there are little elements of this that could be shared with the two previous categories. For my idea of the Forest Wonderland, however, you are losing the lushness of the greenery that the Rustic look has, and gaining a lot more wooden and snowy elements. Unlike the Scandinavian look however, the focus is still on more natural imagery, and especially animals, than simple, more graphic styles. Think stags and owls, foxes and squirrels. Lots of bare wood and the odd pine cone, and oodles of snow, or snow themed pieces. White fur trimmed stocking, and feathers and natural elements go hand in hand to create this ethereal, magical wonderland. Maybe next year.

All That Glitters

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This will always be a popular theme. If you’re not usually into metallics and shiny things, this is certainly the time of year you can overindulge and get your once-a-year fix. I think festive decorations are supposed to do that. Completely transform and take over your home, just until you have chance to get used to them, and then before you know it, it all comes down and everything looks so bare, and your regular old house looks almost unrecognizable for day or two. You’re not limited to gold or silver (I happen to like both together, especially when mixed in with a few white pieces). Red and silver looks particularly festive, but still “metallic” as opposed to the “traditional” look red and gold can have. And of course you can mix blue with silver, or black and gold. This is also great for colour matching your with your décor, and works particularly well with minimalist rooms. Stars and classy, elegant images work best for this theme.

What’s your favourite Christmas decorating style? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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