Air Wick Essential Oils Infusion Candle Review

Hello Autumn! It’s officially the first day of Autumn today in the UK, and I’m so ready for it! I love changing seasons, and I’ve already walked through crunchy crisp leaves, reached for scarves, and dipped into more autumnal scents with my candles.

I do occasionally check out the candles alongside the air fresheners in the cleaning aisles at the supermarket. I usually get tempted by the Wintery, especially Christmas fragrances (I can’t resist anything that has ‘mulled’ on it, especially the wine!) but they can be very hit and miss.

While some smell gorgeous on cold sniff, they have absolutely no throw when lit, and others just burn terribly. Sometimes, they have the combination of the two, and I ask myself why I purchased this type of candle again.

Well, I needed dishwashing sponges, so I found myself down the cleaning product aisle, and that’s when I noticed this Air Wick Essential Oils Infusion candle. It was on offer, £2 down from £3, and looked to be a good size, so I thought I’d try it out.

I bought the scent ‘Purple Blackberry Spice’ which sounds like the perfect September candle, an introduction to Autumn without being full on pumpkin pie just yet! The description said notes of blackberry and fig, although the pictures show blackberries and plums, so obviously some miscommunication there, but it was a very Autumnal fruit and berry scent, with the very light hint of spice bringing a little warmth, and Dear Fiancé liked it too on cold sniff, so that’s always a bonus.

Out of the box, it’s a pretty frosted glass tumbler, which would be ideal as a votive / sampler holder, though then made me realise the candle was probably smaller than I had first thought. I’ve since thrown the box away, though I don’t recall it mentioning a burn time. I got less than 15 hours from it. But again, for the price, I can’t complain in that respect.

To begin with, I was really impressed with the scent throw. Without being lit, it had a very good fragrance that scented the room anyway, and once lit, this was just amplified. However, it was such a soft wax, I think it hampered it’s burn. I burned it for a good four hours the first time, which for a small candle is more than enough, but I wanted it to burn nice and evenly, and it wasn’t doing too bad. But despite a wick trim, on the second burn it still tunneled enough, that I decided to scoop away the excess wax once it was cooled. I popped this in the top of one of my wax melters, assuming the candle would continue to burn poorly now, and I’d be able to enjoy the last of it as a melt.

However, surprisingly, the last bit burned quite well, nice and even, and pooled right to the sides. On the downside, at the stage the scent had vanished. Literally, poof! Gone! I can detect a strong fragrance still from the cold wax I’d scooped out that’s sat in the open air of my tart warmer, whilst the actually candle had just stopped smelling. Very strange.

Still, now it’s almost done – I think I’ll just remove the wax rather than burn it – I’m left with a decent votive holder, which considering I only paid £2 for the candle isn’t a bad deal.

Would I recommend it? If you like the scent, give it a go. It’s pleasant enough. Fruity and autumnal. Likewise, if you think you’d reuse the holder afterwards, definitely worth the small price. However, I wouldn’t rush out for it, and personally, I wouldn’t re-purchase it. I WOULD however, buy this brand again in future, so I’ll keep a look out for other scents over the coming months.

Do you ever purchase this type of branded candle? Any recommendations of ones to buy or ones to avoid? If so, please comment below and let us know!

For now, with love,


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