One Box Challenge 2016 – Declutter With Me

Hopefully, you read my One Box Challenge 2016 – Jewellery Declutter post from a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned Rachel from Sweet and Simple Home, and her One Box Challenge. The motivation behind a group challenge like this is great, as is seeing other people’s videos on YouTube, and pictures on Instagram.
If you don’t follow me on Instagram yet, you should – I already gave everyone a sneak peak of what was in my box.

Well, I finally decluttered the whole room, and also added the couple of bits I already had in my ‘donate box’.

If you don’t have a dedicated box/bag/space for charity/thrift donations, I definitely suggest it. It makes decluttering so much quicker and rewarding. I find it especially useful for clothing, but it works for everything. If I come across clothing that no longer fits or I don’t like, it goes in the box. Once it’s full, or when I do a big declutter like this day, I already have a good headstart to motivate me to declutter more.

There are six large charity bags in total, some clothing, shoes, bags etc. One large, heavy bag is just crafting materials I know I’ll no longer use. And another is home type stuff, hence the picture. To keep this a “one box” challenge picture, and with this being my home-based blog, I thought I’d show you the contents of that particular box. Or bag, as it has ended up.

There’s a huge floor pillow/bean bag. Some dinner placemats. A plastic basket. A floral table runner. Some small plastic baskets. A large green mat from Ikea. Some battery powered dragonfly lights. Candle holders. A jewellery box. Some artificial flowers I no longer care for. Tea light holders, a phone cable, wooden drinks coasters, decorative pebbles, a table centrepiece mat, a small key or bag hanger, some photo frames with felt inserts I made from my craft fair days, and a sequinned bottle bag.

The reason there’s so much random ‘around-the-house’ stuff in one room, was because it was all stuff I no longer needed, that had been relegated to various boxes and bags and inevitably ended up in the room closest to a junk room.

Well I don’t need a junk room, because no one needs junk! There’s a few bits I chose not to get rid of, because although I don’t use them regularly, they WILL be useful (aka Christmas decorations etc.) that went into the loft. The trash bag became two trash bags, and a handful of bits I didn’t photograph were sold on eBay.

It’s amazing how much you can dig out when you get started. It’s also surprising how what looks like a few items can take up a huge amount of space, especially in a small room. So far, I have six garbage-sized bags of charity donations, including the clothing, but I still have some drawers to go through, and if I was really honest, I could probably clear some more. But I’m almost there now, and just need to think of a way to organize what’s left so that my ‘writing room’ can finally be used for that. Although with the recent purchase of my sewing machine, it may now become a writing/sewing room, but I’m totally ok with that.

Hope you’ve been loving decluttering, I’d love to know your tips and what you’ve been getting rid of this summer! Leave me a comment below, and I’ll look forward to getting back to you.

For now, with love,

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