Candle of the Month: August – Yankee Beach Flowers and Bermuda Beach

Before I get started on Autumn scents for this year, I thought what better way to have my home smell summery than some Beach themed scents!

I had the Yankee Candle Beach Flowers tart in my stash for a little while, and decided to make some use of it. And then I also spotted the Yankee Candle Simply Home tart in Bermuda Beach on visit to an Asda store. Not wanting to pass up the chance of a bargain £1 Yankee scent, I sniffed my way through the selection on offer, and purchased the Bermuda Beach, partly because it smelled the nicest, partly because I wanted to compare it to the Beach Flowers. Both votives and wax tarts are just £1 in Asda’s Simply Home Yankee Candle range, however there was no votive on offer in this particular scent. I’ve had several votives in the past from there, with mixed reviews.

As a cheaper range, I had always thought they were slightly less good quality, with not as much fragrance. I’ve had a few Christmas scents in the past that I wasn’t wowed with, and so have not yet purchased a larger size to test the difference in those.

However, I’ve got to admit, with this particular pink wax tart, I was more than pleasantly surprised. It is similar to Beach Flowers, but I found the scent a lot more intense, and it seemed to last longer too. I’ve burned them both for over 8 hours, but I’m still finding a nice, muted scent from them, so will probably burn them once more each before I toss them.

Also, aside from the obvious difference in the style of the front label, they’re almost identical. The labels on the back are the same, and both tarts were stamped with the Yankee Candle Co indentation you see on the wax tarts themselves.

The official notes are as follows:
“Beach Flowers is a lovely scent of tuberose, lily and hyacinth blossoms with soft watery notes to add an element of fresh in a beautiful soft purple colour.”

And for Bermuda Beach:
“This succulent mix of citrus, flowers and vanilla will leave your home basking in nothing less than luxury.”

Bermuda Beach is often compared online to Pink Sands, the scent described as:
“Pink Sands creates an exotic island escape through a beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.”

So you can see the similarity in the description, not to mention the soft pink colour. I haven’t purchased Pinks Sands before, so I can’t honestly compare, but it sounds like it should be similar. However, there are definitely both similarities and contrasts between the two scents I’ve been enjoying this month. They both evoke a warm, sunny floral scent that’s very pretty, but also comforting. Bermuda Beach is much sweeter however, I guess because of the creamy notes of the vanilla, whereas Beach Flowers is certainly more floral and the aquatic note is quite clear, which Bermuda Beach lacks.

My fiance much preferred Bermuda Beach, that is to say, without being asked, he actually commented to ask what scent was burning as he thought it was quite nice. I think I prefer it too. It was certainly the stronger of the two scents, which I was surprised about, especially with it being from the cheaper Simply Home range.

It has definitely given me assurance to buy from the range again, should I happen to find myself in store. I’ll try a few more out sometime and let you know my opinion.

If you’ve got any experience with the Simply Home range from Yankee, I’d love to know. Especially with the larger jars. It would be great to know if they still burn evening across the jar etc. Please comment below and let me know!

For now, with love,

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