Candle of the Month: July – Price’s Lime & Basil

If you’re in the UK like me, you’ll know Summer (in terms of the weather) finally arrived mid-July. There’s been some glorious sunshiney days and hot nights and that’s making me so happy! I like most kinds of weather, but it is fun to be able to sleep without the duvet and run around in the middle of the day in shorts. Yes, it’s not so much fun at work but at least you enjoy it the rest of the day. Well, I do.

Summer is definitely the season I burn the least candles, however. It’s just so light and bright and warm, you don’t always think ‘ooh, candle!’. But I do love them, so I have been burning one in particular, which makes it my candle of the month.

This bright lime green number was by Price’s Candles, in the scent ‘Lime & Basil’. Firstly, it burned BEAUTIFULLY. I would burn it for several hours at a time, and it is a small tumbler, but it always pooled right to the sides, and  had such a wonderfully even burn. There was absolutely no waste whatsoever.  I took this photo before I burned it for the last time, and you can see how even the wax is, and how clean the sides of the tumbler are.

The scent is unusual. I liked it, and I  went on and burned the whole candle, but I wouldn’t want another straight away. It’s quite heavy on the basil, and very ‘green’ because of it. The lime is lovely, and it needs the citrussy kick, and whilst I do like green scents, if it’s too strong, I can find them a little overwhelming. This is borderline. My partner didn’t like it at all unfortunately. He said it had a very ‘Citronella’ scent to it, and it does a little, but I don’t think it’s as zingy as that. I really enjoy citronella, so that would have been fine by me, but this is (as I keep saying) more green than that.

It was still lovely though – I wouldn’t have burned the whole thing if it wasn’t. I purchased this from TK Maxx, and unfortunately, I can’t find a link for it anywhere. I’m guessing it’s from a discontinued line, but I’ve had newer scents from Price’s, and they always burn well.

I reviewed another candle from them in my March COTM post if you want to check that out.

I’ll be back soon with an update on the kitchen and the tile painting, so check back soon for that.

If you have any candle recommendations, please let me know in the comments! What’s your favourite scent of the moment?

For now, with love,

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