Kitchen Tile Paint – Stage 2

If you read my previous post, Kitchen Tile Paint – Stage 1, you’ll know my first job was to scrub scrub scrub. I scoured and scraped, washed, bleached and rinsed. And finally the tiles were squeaky clean. Next job, grouting.

I’m not sure why the original tiles weren’t originally grouted, perhaps it was the fashion then, perhaps the homeowners just decided not to do it (the tiling was very much a DIY job, if the unevenness is anything to go by!). But for a good smooth paint finish with no nasty dark lines in between, I had to grout. And this was a little more difficult than it would have been with professionally laid tiles.

Because the tiles were only roughly straight, and at varying thicknesses next to each other, across the whole wall, no two grouting gaps were alike. They varied hugely in width and depth. With a bit of trial and not too much error, either a damp cloth or finger was enough to smooth some grout into the gaps. I just ran my finger between it, wiped off any excess with another damp cloth and called it satisfactory. It looked perfectly fine.

What was impressive, was how much of a difference it made to the wall! When you look at the photos side by side I certainly think the tiles look better grouted. I also filled in a couple of holes from where the old extractor fan had been, and was nearly done. I just had to let the grout dry overnight, and give the tiles one last thorough clean and rinse and I was ready to paint.

Coming up will be Stage 3, the painting, so stay tuned for that one, and some almost final pictures. (I still have the ceiling and non-tiled wall to paint).

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