Kitchen Tile Paint – Stage 1

When we purchased our house last year, we always knew how much potential it has. And how beautiful it will be once we’ve worked on and updated it. Because at present, it is very, very outdated.

The upstairs rooms will just need some basic decorating, while the living area and extension are getting some more in-depth treatment. We’re focussing on this area first as it’s very labour intensive, and being the room we use the most, the most important to us.

Obviously, we use the kitchen every single day too (I always cook at home, every evening) however, it needs to be completely ripped out and replaced. This is expense we simply cannot afford at present, whilst we’re also saving for our wedding next year.

We made some basic adjustments. My darling fiance removed most of the kitchen units and rearranged them to make space for a tall fridge freezer, our washing machine etc. It’s functional, and usable, and the idea was that we would keep it as is until after the wedding when we can start to think about replacing it.

However, we’ve lived here about eight months now, and I’m just not sure I can bear the gaudy seventies coloured brown and patterned tiles any longer. In fact, I know I can’t.

Red is a fairly popular colour in modern kitchens, and some would probably even like the eccentric and vintage styling of our kitchen, but it’s really not to my personal tastes. I much prefer cool tones, white and blue especially. And my least favourite decorating colours happen to be red, brown, orange and yellow. Which are in abundance in this kitchen. I just can’t do it anymore! I have no option with the tomato-red worktop, that will have to stay, and painting it does not seem an option when it needs to be wiped clean on a several-times-a-day basis, so the plan is to neutralise everything else as much as possible. Yes, that may make the red work surface stand out, but it will still be better than it’s current state. And of course, also feel cleaner and fresher.

So with a quick Google, I read a few reviews and blog posts about ceramic tile paint, and my mind was made up. I’m going to paint the tiles white, re-paint the ceiling and the painted wall white again with regular emulsion, and possibly even paint the cupboard doors too, depending on how I’m feeling at that stage.

I don’t have a great base to work with – the tiles are authentically 1970s, and with them came along a lot of dirt, a lack of grouting, and a couple are damaged here and there. The first step is to thoroughly clean them. Really thoroughly. (I did, and have done so between buying the house and now, but I need to be even more thorough this time!) Then, I’ll attempt to re-grout. Because they’re not nice and level, this won’t be an easy or straightforward job, but it will still make the finished look more presentable than if I don’t grout.

So at the moment I’m just going to have a really good clean, and then I’ll get on with the grouting process and update you. I’m really excited to start painting them, but know how important the first steps are to ensure a good, long lasting finish.

I chose the Wilko brand tile paint based on the reviews, and the past experiences I’ve had with other Wilko’s paint and decorating products. It is reasonably priced at £13.95 for 750ml, which with 6m² coverage will be enough if only a single coat is required. If not, a second can will be necessary, but I’ll purchase that if and when I need it. I can’t wait to tone down the look of this room!

I’ll keep you updated with the project. In the meantime, if you have any experience with tile paint, or are planning on using it, please share in the comments below.

For now, with love,

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