Candle of the Month: June – Wax Lyrical Vanilla & Tonka


I best start this post with two apologies: One, that this post is a couple weeks overdue and the blog has been a little neglected as of late, and Two, that this utterly divine candle I’m going to tell you about has been discontinued for quite some time. And that should definitely sadden you. It saddens me! It has to be my ultimate, most favourite candle, most gorgeous scent I’ve ever smelled.

You may recognise the empty glass jar from my main website photo. Sitting alongside the Ralph Lauren lamp is this almost used up candle. In June, I used the last little bit. But only because I managed to buy a tin version from eBay.

It has such a strong fragrance that even when it’s not being burned you get the occasional waft of the beautiful aroma whispering across the room should you leave a window open. And I can’t even express why I love it so much. It’s warm and soft and vanilla-y, but it’s not sweet and cloying like some vanilla scents. It’s certainly not a foody, cakey vanilla scent. It’s altogether more grown up than that. There’s a hint of musk and possibly a floral that just compliments the vanilla and tonka beautifully. It’s reasonably complex for a candle fragrance, and I have a feeling it reminds me of a holiday, though I couldn’t tell you when or where. It’s just something seems vaguely familiar.

I love scents (of all kinds, perfumes, home fragrance, oils, foods, etc.) for the sensations and feelings and memories they can evoke. And for whatever reason, this candle has such an effect on me. I absolutely love it. And so of course, I’m devastated it’s no longer available.

I was in two minds whether to use the candle up or not, but I have so many, and it was so nearly empty anyway, that once I’d purchased and received the smaller tin version, I decided I was ok with letting this one go. After using it all up, of course.

As with all wax lyrical candles I’ve purchased before, it burned beautifully evenly, and for strength of fragrance, and length of burn time, I’d certainly recommend them. I may however, not burn the tin version for quite some time. It’s so relaxing just to open the tin, inhale the scent and replace the lid, that I’m not sure I’d want to use this up just yet.

Luckily, I have a huge stash of candles to be working through. However, Wax Lyrical does have a ‘Vanilla Flower’ candle in their Made in England range, which is described as “The sweet fragrance vanilla & butter, sits on a base of musk & dry fruits to really round out the fragrance.” I’m hoping it’s reminiscent of the discontinued Vanilla & Tonka, so when I decide I’ve used up enough of my candles and I’m ready to make an online purchase, I may investigate the similarities of this one.

The Vanilla Flower range is available here on Wax Lyrical’s own website. They do a few ranges, and some stunning scents, so I wholeheartedly recommend you check them out.

The next post will be coming very soon, so stay tuned, and I will try and get this blog back on track! Thanks for your patience.

For now, with love,


3 thoughts on “Candle of the Month: June – Wax Lyrical Vanilla & Tonka”

  1. Like you, I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is I love so much about this candle but it is the most gorgeously scented candle and every time I’m in the Lakes I go to the Wax Lyrical factory shop to try and find more. You may hate me for this but I have four lidded tumblers, six tins, two packs of tea lights and a bottle of diffuser oil in the fragrance! I love it that much!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Good to hear someone else has been enjoying this as much as I do! Your stash sounds amazing – and yes, slightly jealous of it!! Enjoy :) x

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