Top Picks under £10: June

6 june_mood_boardWe have some proper summer sunshine! I am so excited, it’s a beautiful day today and I always feel ten times better when the sun is shining!

June is my birthday month, and so while I was originally going to do some summery, picnic-esque outdoor bits for this month’s Top Picks, I decided to be a bit more self indulgent and go with a theme that was more ‘me’. So I’ve opted for more of a Summer Boho vibe.

Bohemian is a style that really flourishes in summer, just think of gorgeous, vintage styled festival looks and modern takes on 70s trends. There’s something about the carefree, spirited nature of it that suits sunshine days and balmy evenings.

With the huge botanical trend that were also seeing in fashion and décor at the moment, there’s great opportunities to create those Boho Luxe ideas that glisten with jewel tone greens and drip with gold. Not that we don’t still love the natural, earthy pieces – you need both for the accents to really pop.

I had to limit my selection somewhat here, what with my imposed budget, but these would be great pieces to add in alongside some larger and more luxurious items. Rattan peacock chairs, and macrame wall hangings and plant holders, please.

1. Wilko Faux Mongolian Cushion Natural– Wilko – £5.00
Something about soft, fluffy cushions and rugs looks so right when recreating those seventies styles. And as this is a complete cushion & cover, for a mere £5.00 you cannot go wrong.

2. Ceramic Birdbath Bowl, Green– BHS – £10.00
Well, sadly this one probably won’t be around for too long what with the demise of BHS. I’m so sad to see another British store disappear from the highstreet. While it wasn’t a place that drew me in in terms of fashion, I will definitely miss this store for it’s homewares and Christmas gifts.
Back to the item in hand, it’s gorgeous, the colour and finish are lovely, so snap it up while you still can.

3. Gold Trivet – H&M – £7.99
Something about the design of this one really drew me in. It’s technically a trivet, so ideal in the kitchen, but I think it would also make a pretty plant stand for a pop of metallic luxe.

4. Succulent Potted Cactus – Dunelm – £4.79 reduced from £5.99
If you’re not green thumbed, fake it. Terrariums are beautiful, but if you’re on a budget, small succulents in individual pots work great too. This one, in it’s square white pot would certainly fool a few people.

5. White Hanging Cow Skull– Primark – £3.00
Generally, I wouldn’t be a fan of an animal skull – I prefer to represent animals in a more, ‘alive’, manner. BUT, that said, this obviously fake (and fabulously affordable) little piece is very pretty. And just suits the whole look so well. 

6. Scented Candle In A Box– H&M – £4.99
A great example of how well that rich green and pale neutral works so well together. And I love the leafy design on the top of the box. You can’t beat a candle that doubles up as a trinket box once you’ve used the wax.

7. SOARÉ Place Mat – IKEA – £3.50
This is what I mean about mixing earthy, natural fibre elements with those more luxurious ones. This water hyacinth braided table mat is the perfect base to accessorize on. Use them as placemats, but also as centerpieces on which to add candles, plants and other decorative fancies.

8. MUSA BANANA– IKEA – £8.50
Sticking with Ikea for a moment, they have some great plants if you do like some real greenery. This tropical banana plant will fit in just right with your summerscape.

9. Rose Gold Foil Cushion– Primark – £5.00
And last but not least, another hit of metal in the form of this metallic foil cushion, from Primark. Another great piece, another great price.

There’s so much out there as well that would work with this look. Photo frames in white wood or gold toned metal would both work. Wicker and bamboo storage boxes, richly printed textiles in emerald and jade, linens alongside sheepskin effects. It’s about mixing it up and creating a harmonious balance. You know, carefully cultivating that ‘oh, this old thing?’ just-thrown-together look. Except it is really is as easy as just throwing it together.

My number one tip though? If this sun is shining, get out and enjoy it. Shopping can wait: make the most of Summer.

For now, with love,

Blue Glass Thrift Shopping

I love blue glass. The colour when the light shines through it is mesmerizing. I’ve got three pieces here to share with you, one I bought a while ago, and two more recent purchases.

They’re all from thrift stores, or charity shops as we call them in the UK, and total bargains. The dish is beautiful, a vintage bon bon dish I think, with silver metalwork and cobalt blue glass dish. It was a mere 75p! I’m more of a silver than gold or copper person, and I love the way it contrasts with the rich jewel tone blue.


The bottles were both £1 each from another store, and still a steal, I think. It’s hard to capture on camera, but the way the light shines through them is just lovely. The smaller one is a slim, sleek design, while the larger one has a couple of raised patterns on the front – I assume where it would have been labelled at one time. If anyone has any suggestions about what the bottle may be, I’d love to know.


I like having the occasional browse around thrift stores. You can find some really lovely, unique pieces that would otherwise be difficult to source. You just have to be willing to take the time to really look. It can be easy to glance at a shelf of bric-a-brac, and think everything looks the same and that there’s nothing special there. But if you take the time to really look at the individual items, sometimes you can find a little treasure hidden away in all the other things that aren’t quite so lovely!

We’re making some slow progress with our living room, and a new idea has come about. We had originally been thinking of having a glass panel as a divider to section two areas, but the practicalities of what we wanted, in a custom colour wasn’t realistic, so we came up with an alternative idea.

I’m currently waiting for some samples of perspex to arrive; it should work in the same way the glass would have done, but will be a fraction of the cost and much lighter and more suitable. I’m hoping the blue option I’ve ordered will resemble the colour of this cobalt glass.

I can’t wait until we’re at the decorating stage with the room. I’m excited to get painting and decorating. There’s already been huge transformations so far, but until it’s clean and decorated, it’s hard to see the full impact of those changes. Plus, I’m itching to get all my decorative pieces in and around the place!

Well, that’s it for today, but I’ll be back really soon with June’s Top Picks under £10, so stay tuned for that.

For now, with love,