Candle of the Month: May – Yankee Candle Peony

Well, it’s been quite a quiet month on the blog, and it’s been a quiet month on the candle front too. I had a severe hand injury a couple of weeks ago, and while I’m incredibly grateful to have my finger intact, it’s a slow healing process and has made a lot of ordinary things quite difficult. However, there’s a lot of wedding planning been happening, and while I could have probably done with some calming scents, the truth is I haven’t relaxed often enough to think about candles much!

I have really enjoyed the Peony sampler from Yankee though, which I first mentioned to you in my February Candle of the Month post and Serenity Collection review. It’s faintly sweet, with something not dissimilar to peach, and the subtlest hint of a peppery undertone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s unmistakably floral, as you would expect, but not overwhelmingly so. I’m not normally a huge fan of overly floral scents, but I find this quite pretty, and quite a calming scent. It’s relatively fresh for floral, and very fitting as a fragrance from the Spring range.

I took the photos early on in the month when first burning this (between the blog and my Instagram account, I find it’s useful if I photograph everything, all the time) so you can’t see much use from the votive, but since then, it has burnt very evenly – as samplers tend to do from Yankee, which is always a pleasure. There’s nothing worse than a candle that you can only use half of, because of a poor and uneven burn. In terms of scent throw, I’d give it a pretty decent score. For a single sampler, this did very well, especially for our moderately sized bedroom. After a very short burn time, the fragrance literally filled the room.

It’s a perfect Spring scent, and a nice change from the citruses I usually covet. It’s funny to think we’ll be heading into Summer next month, I feel like Spring only just arrived. Though, in terms of scents, I love citruses and cool green teas all year round. I am however, trying my best to work through my candle collection and burn as much as I buy, although I’m so keen to buy the new scents from the Yankee Riviera Escape collection. I’ve had a real hankering for a peach scent recently (no doubt the time of year) so I’m looking forward to trying the Summer Peach scent, and the Olive & Thyme, Riviera Escape and Sea Salt & Sage all sound gorgeous too. Watch this space, I know I’ll end up reviewing them!

For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of this Springtime bloom scent, and keep on track with the wedding planning. Hopefully I’ll be back here again in a few days with something new so  be sure to check back in a  little while.

For now, with love,

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