Candle of the Month: April – The Body Shop Green Tea and Lemon

If you can see the image, you’ll see this month’s candle of the month is not even a candle! Luckily for me, I make my own rules, and I’ve decided that this beautiful home fragrance oil is acceptable. Besides, it’s either this or no post!

So I’m currently enjoying some beautiful, hot sunny weather in Crete, and with all the wedding planning and working that’s been going on, it’s been another month that’s flown by. I’d used up the last bits of a couple of candles, but not started anything new, and this was the only thing I’d been burning, and I really do enjoy it.

It’s such a citrussy, zingy scent. Compared to last month’s candle from Price’s which is a subtle citrus whiff, this is a real blast of tangy freshness. The Body Shop describe it as a “crisp and lively aroma” and they couldn’t have put it better. It’s beautifully blended, the lemon lifts and squashes what can be overbearingly green in a green tea scent, and instead makes it just work. I really do love this as a scent, and may have to pick up the matching room spray.

A little goes a long way, although I am quite generous when using fragrance oils. Especially in scents like this. My favourite perfumes are zesty, green citrus scents so it’s no wonder I adore this. Whether it’s bergamot, lime, grapefruit or lemon, even if it’s touching on being a clean, masculine scent, I love it!

I add around 10 drops of oil to as much water as I can fit into the bowl of my oil burner and the scent really does fill the room. You have to keep an eye on your tealight candle and the bowl to check it isn’t dry, but you can always top it back up.

I’ve tried a couple of the home fragrance oils from The Body Shop, and this is definitely my favourite. They seem to be out of stock in all varieties on the website, so hopefully they’re just waiting for stock, and that the range isn’t being discontinued.

On another note, don’t you just love the colours in this stained glass effect oil burner?! I nearly let go of it the other month when I was sorting out some things to donate, but I’m glad I’ve kept hold of it for now. On a lovely sunny day, I do like mix of vibrant, pretty colours!

Well, I think I’ll get back to a bit of sight-seeing and sun-bathing, and I’ll see you again soon!

For now, with love,

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