White Marble and Silver Mini Haul

IMAG2020I’ve been a little quiet recently regarding working on the house, and that’s because it’s just going so slowly. We’re working away, as and when we can, and we’re definitely getting there, it’s just slow going.

We now have new lights in each section of the lounge, and we’re busy sanding and filling cracks and that sort of thing. Decorating seems a long way away. That’s not stopping me buying the odd bit here and there though.

So I’ve got a mini-haul, a few bits I’ve picked up at TK Maxx because I love them!

I was undecided on whether to go with silver or copper as the metallic accent in our living room, as I saw an absolutely stunning copper-coloured multi pendant light fitting that was utterly gorgeous. And I really do love copper, and rose gold, as the metallic element in a room. It’s been such a big trend in recent years, but I worry that it will become ‘so last year’ soon, and while I always say, go for what you like, not what you’re told is in fashion, I know that my tastes change pretty frequently anyway.

So I saw this beautiful bookend in bright, white marble with the brilliant silver detail, and the colour combination was winning. Knowing that I want bright white walls for the house, it made it clear to me that silver would be the way to go for any metallic elements that might feature in the room. (You’ll note, I haven’t mentioned gold at all, and that’s simply because it’s not really a favourite of mine).

IMAG2041I also found these coasters at TK Maxx, a very similar white marble, with a silver detail around the edges. I’d previously bought (about 18 months ago) some lovely white marble coasters and mats for my brother and his girlfriend when they moved house, and I really loved them, and wish I’d bought myself some at the time. What a great thing hindsight is! They are really similar to these ones, but without the silver detail. I do like these ones, but wish the silver was brighter – more like the bookend. If I see plain white ones, I may be tempted to get those too.

IMAG2035IMAG2033 Finally, I bought this fantastic trinket box with silver lizard decoration on the top. I love it! I’d seen it a few times, and told myself I didn’t need to buy anything else, but then saw it had been reduced, and was such a bargain, I couldn’t resist! At less than half the original price, it finally came home with me. It’s not quite as white as the other two items, but as they’ll be on display/in use in different areas of the room, I don’t think that matters at all.

I love how the image of the room is coming together in my head, and should use that as motivation to get on and get some DIY done so we can make some real progress! I’ll keep you updated though.

For now, with love,

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