Candle of the Month: March – Price’s Mandarin & Ginger

IMAG1832Spring has sprung! I am so happy, we’re into Spring now, the clocks change next weekend, it already feels lighter and ever so slightly warmer and the birds are tweeting!

So you may be surprised by my choice of candle this month. Back in my December Candle of the Month post, I mentioned that I had purchased three styles of candle in the same scent for Christmas, but hadn’t gotten around to burning them. Luckily it is still a fairly fresh citrussy scent, that I thought would work well for Spring too, and it does.

The ginger is quite subtle, and to be honest, the mandarin is quite light too. But that’s not to say it isn’t gorgeous. It just doesn’t pack much of a punch. It’s a fairly close fragrance, and as recently I have been burning them purely for my own enjoyment, that’s fine with me. I would no doubt have a stronger fragrance if I were burning all three together, but as I pointed out that it’s just for little old me, and usually in the bedroom, I’ve just been using the lantern candle for the last couple of weeks.

It’s one of those scents that you seem to notice more when you walk back into a room that it’s burning in (not that you’re supposed to leave a room with a burning candle, but I’m only talking for the couple of minutes it takes to make a drink, etc.) and it really is wonderfully warm yet fresh. Like a summer’s evening. There aren’t many scents that seem to suit Christmas, Spring and Summer, so this is a great all year long candle, especially as the hint of ginger should really lend itself to Autumn too.

IMAG1884I guess because I mainly burn candles in the evening, the spice hasn’t seemed too out of place, but again, it is very light on the ginger, and mainly the gorgeously sweet mandarin that I notice, and a very realistic scent it is too.

IMAG1886IMAG1889Price’s Candles have been in production since 1830, and have had a long-standing link with the Royal Family. They aren’t a brand I see here, there and everywhere, but they are widely available, and of course, available on their own website, I haven’t tried much from them before, but I certainly would like to try some more, as they have some fabulous and uncommon sounding scents (such as watermelon and cucumber), and favorites like pink grapefruit that I always like to try from different brands.

So that’s it for today, but I’ll be back in a few days with another post and as ever, there’ll be another Candle of the Month post this time next month.

For now, with love,

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