Candle of the Month & Yankee Candle My Serenity Collection Review


How are we almost at the end of February already? Where is this year going?! I need to slow down!
Thankfully, with the help of some relaxing fragranced candles, I am gaining a few moments of peace here and there.

I bought three of the four scents from the new Yankee Candle My Serenity Q1 collection about three weeks ago now. And I’ve only recently burned one of them. Like I said, this month feels as though it’s flying by.

I passed up on Moonlight, as it just seemed too woodsy for me. On occasion, I can sometimes enjoy fragrances like this, but if I have to sniff something a couple of times to decide whether I like it or not, then the answer is usually no. When something smells enjoyable, you know right away.

So, I have only burned Serenity thus far, and as it’s about the only thing I’ve burned all month, it is certainly my ‘Candle of the Month’, but smelling the other two as they are, I’m really enjoying those too, and can’t wait to burn them also.

IMAG1672Peony is a gorgeous, delicate floral. Calming and pretty, and very very floral – but in a nice way. Lemongrass & Ginger is clean and fresh and probably my favourite of the collection. I always love fresh smelling things and the ginger comes across in just the right way – a hint of spice, but still a zingy fresh scent rather than a warming cosy one.

I was actually unsure about My Serenity when I smelled it cold. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it smells of. Warm, and soft and delicate. Fruity. Floral. And also sweetly creamy, but not in an overly gourmand way. It’s pear and orange, with tropical flowers and soft musk. I was worried the scent wouldn’t carry well, it seems so delicate. But how wrong I was.

IMAG1666 I purchased the votive / sampler sizes, and it can be nice to test fragrances out before commiting to larger jars, or if you’re like me, it’s nice to have something small enough to enjoy for a short time before you inevitably buy more!

IMAG1743I was really impressed though that the scent from a single votive was enough to fill the room, and even when not lit, I occasionally get a little pleasant whiff of it. There’s not a lot left at all now, so I’ll proabably burn the remainder and move on to one of the others, but I’m pretty impressed with the selection of Spring candles from Yankee, and already looking forward to what will come out next!

For now, with love,

2 thoughts on “Candle of the Month & Yankee Candle My Serenity Collection Review”

  1. Can’t remember if I smelled My Serenity, your description of it sounds lovely, but I tend not to like scents where I can’t perceive distinct notes (I normally feel they smell synthetic). The lemongrass and ginger one does have a lovely zingy freshness, I also like their Peony which smells quite a vivid petal-pink.

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