Alessi Ku Mocha Cups & Saucers – Does Good Design Really Date?


I’ve had my Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio machine for quite some time now, and enjoy a variety of the coffee pods available. However, I felt I’d never properly enjoyed an espresso from the machine because I didn’t have espresso cups.

I thought about buying a couple once or twice in Ikea, however, didn’t really like the designs available and ended up empty handed. Luckily, I found these lovely Alessi ones in TK Maxx.

IMAG1660Alessi is an Italian housewares brand, and their products can cost a pretty penny, so I’m happy to have a nice set of these cups. In all honesty, I liked the shape. I hadn’t seen espresso cups with the curved lip before, and I have to say they are very nice to drink from.

IMAG1677This particular style is the KU Mocha Cups & Saucers, designed by Toyo Ito and even have a design date of 2006 on the box. They’re a decade old! As they’re an older style from the brand, I can kind of ignore the RRP price – I mean, the first thing I did was google them and you can get them on Amazon now for £6.99. But it does sometimes mean a better quality product and these were an even bigger bargain at just £3.99 in TK Maxx for a box of two. Besides, until last week I didn’t even own any, why would I care if they’re a past style?

IMAG1678I tend to find I buy what I like. Although I’m interested in home design (obviously) I’m not necessarily all about keeping up with trends in décor or the next big thing. I can’t say that I’m not influenced by changing trends – after all, it usually dictates what’s available in stores and I know that I do take inspiration from store displays and online shops. But I stick to what I like, and I’m not adverse to buying older items, secondhand or new, to complete a look I have in my mind. If I like it, and it fits my budget, it comes home with me!

IMAG1682And that’s why I’m drinking my afternoon coffee out of a teensy tiny pretty little cup that’s perfectly designed and just what I was after.

IMAG1681So for now, with love,


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