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As I’ve said before, what feels like a million times, we moved house a couple of months back and in terms of decorating,, we were supposed to be focussing on the living room first. We sort of are.

And then we bought six new pieces of bedroom furniture.

My dear Fiance had had about his fill of me moaning in the mornings that I didn’t have a vanity table and struggled to get ready while balancing a mirror on my knees to do my makeup. I don’t blame him, I can moan a lot. He decided I definitely needed some kind of dressing table, and I thought I’d settled on the Ikea Malm one. I really liked the wide drawer and the glass top. But it’s pretty huge in terms of the width.

We checked it out one Ikea trip, and I couldn’t really figure out how I could fit it into our bedroom with all the other furniture we need. And there was the issue of our wardrobes.

They’d already moved a couple of times with us, and were originally flat pack furniture, and they’d pretty much just been used to death. I’m not complaining – we’d had plenty of use out of them. But now they were wobbly from top to bottom and beyond repairing. So I started to look at wardrobes instead of vanity tables and struggled to find something to match with our existing mismatched furniture. Flat pack seemed the way to go, from a price-point perspective. And then I found the Brusali range at Ikea.
brusali-wardrobe-with-doors-white__0247231_PE386049_S4 I loved the three-door wardrobe. And although they didn’t do a dressing table, they had a desk, which could definitely work as a vanity. And there were matching bedside tables, 4-drawer chests, 3-drawer chests, a tall, slim 4-drawer chest. A shoe cupboard, that I loved, but couldn’t make room for. And even better, I found most of it on eBay.
brusali-chest-of-drawers-white__0380449_PH123703_S4We first purchased three items together: The 4-drawers chest of drawers, and the skinny tall chest of drawers, plus one bedside table. They are in mint condition, barely used and properly put together. You wouldn’t know they weren’t new. And we saved a good chunk of cash on the RRP.

IMAG1627 Then I found the wardrobe – which in all fairness has one or two minor faults, but you can’t see them now it’s been rebuilt and is in situ. There was another error with this one as when we went to collect it, the seller provided us with the wrong rail, but as ever dear Fiance fixed it up and now you’d never know! So, this one wasn’t perfect, and it was a long way to collect, but it was only a third of the cost of a brand new one, so all in all we can’t argue.

IMAG1636We did purchases the desk/dressing table new from Ikea, and the same day bought and collected a second bedside table (again, mint and unused) from a lovely eBay seller just five minutes up the road. So for around £250, we have a full set of furniture that retails for £420. My other half was concerned that so much matching white furniture would make the bed stand out too much, as it’s a warm, pine coloured solid wood frame, however because I love our bed so much, I don’t mind that it doesn’t match. I think sometimes, when you spend a long time finding the perfect item, it doesn’t matter if the colours or styles don’t match perfectly to everything else – when you like it, you’ll think it looks great together anyway.

The only other addition was the large, Stave mirror. A bargain at just £15 for a huge 70cm square mirror with white frame. You’ll see in my photo it’s still in the packaging. I wanted to be sure I liked it and that it would work over the desk (and that I would be happy with the desk sitting in that corner as it does) and I am, so we’ll fix the mirror to the wall soon.

IMAG1633I’m using a folding chair that we already had with the desk. I might swap it out for a stool or different chair at some point, but for now, I’m not too bothered about that aspect and the chair works just fine.

IMAG1630Lastly, I did also purchase the Sålnan Seagrass baskets in both sizes, the deep rectangular and the smaller shallow square ones as they work perfectly with the shelves of the desk and are ideal for keeping my makeup and beauty products in.

I’m really pleased with how the room is coming together. Yes, it does need the wallpaper stripping and everything needs repainting and new carpets but we’ll get there. We’ve definitely made the room more functional, and I think with the white furniture over natural wood, more relaxing too.

I will get a picture of the whole room up once I’m happy with it, and same goes for the downstairs of the house too, but we’ve a long way to go there.

By the way – did you spot the cat in the box?! That’s Toots, and he’s been loving that little cardboard box so much I don’t have the heart to get rid of it now, or even move it for the photgraphs. So cute!

For now, with love,


15 thoughts on “Ikea Brusali Furniture”

    1. Hi,
      They come with it – they’re removable, and you have a few options of heights you can set them at – this way fitted the boxed I purchased seperately really nicely.
      Thanks for the comment!
      Ellen x

  1. With IKEA furniture it says you have to fix to the wall.. I’m thinking of this suite for my new accommodation I’m renting! i do love it, and your rooms are really an inspiration, however I’m not allowed to fix things to the wall.. do you think its possible not to?

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      With regards to the furniture, ours isn’t attached to the wall, and we haven’t had any issues. I think sometimes it’s a safety issue, especially with children, to prevent the furniture being pulled forward on top of yourself, however if just for adults, it should be fine. Either way, I’d recommend talking it over with someone in store, regarding the particular pieces you want to purchase, as they’ll be able to advise you better than I can. But as I say, ours is holding up fine – we just don’t use it as a climbing frame! x

    1. It’s pretty good! I love the size and layout of it inside – it’s just the right size for me, not too big, not too small. It’s nice and solid and stable so I have no complaints! The only thing I’d perhaps point out is with the other items (desk / bedside tables etc) if there’s any chance of spillages, makeup/drinks etc. it’s not a surface designed to hold up to scrubbing. It’s fine wiping it over/polishing etc, but I don’t think I’d have it in a kiddies room or anything. Not as much of an issue with the wardrobe though :) I’d say go for it! x

  2. Hi Ellen, I was thinking about purchasing the Brusali but I don’t know if the drawers will hold enough space for all my make-up, nail polish, face creams etc… How much to you have?

    1. Hi Brooke. Was it the desk/dressing table you were thinking of? That’s what I use for my makeup etc. I bought the baskets seperately, and it works fine for me, but I don’t have a large amount of makeup/beauty products. Just essentials really. If you’re talking about the tall set of drawers, it’s a pretty good size, again, it just depends on the amount of products you have. All the dimensions are listed on the Ikea Website though. Hope that helps,
      Thanks, Ellen

    1. Hi, sorry for the delayed response.
      They screw into place. I’d recommend two people for the job – one to hold the door in place while the other tightens the screws, but it was easy enough.
      Thanks for stopping by,

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