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So, about two and a half weeks ago, I told you I purchased some new curtains for our bedroom (read the original post here). I hung them straight away and we’ve been pretty happy with them ever since.

They were in the shade Biscuit – a nice neutral, soft taupe-y beige that doesn’t lean too warm, so will contrast nicely with white walls when we get around to decorating. I definitely think the fabric looks more expensive than the price we paid, it has a slight linen effect weave too it, although it doesn’t feel too soft when touched.

IMAG1490My only slight issue is with the creasing. The picture above is the of the day the were hung. After over a fortnight, the creases still haven’t gone. Although they have definitely eased off, they certainly haven’t dropped out completely which is a shame, as I’m so nervous of ironing them. I did read all the reviews online before purchasing, and a few comments mentioned the creasing, so I was expecting it, but I still hoped they’d fall out naturally. Luckily, a few commenters had mentioned how they’d lightly ironed the curtains with the aid of a pillowcase, so as not to scorch the fabric, and that they’d turned out well, so if the creases are still prominent in another two weeks, I’ll have to take them down and go over them with the iron.

IMAG1608They certainly can’t be faulted on their black-out claim however. Yes, the light peeks in over the top and underneath the curtains, but that’s only noticeable because the curtains themselves are so effective in blocking out the light. The photo below (as poor quality as it is) shows as much.

IMAG1486It is so difficult to take photographs when facing the window. The closed curtain pictures were taken on a reasonably sunny morning, and the open ones, I waited until today for as it’s been another very grey, overcast afternoon here.  It still didn’t seem to help with the quality of the photos, but I figure something is better than nothing!

As my other half mentioned, Summer will be the true test for these curtains, although at any time of year, as our window is North-facing, we never get oodles of sunshine, it’s just the early morning light we were worried about.

As for ease of hanging, I was pretty pleased. They come with good, clear instructions if you’ve never hung curtains before, and it’s such an improvement on the old ones. I more than doubled the amount of hooks and gliders that had been up when we purchased the house, and have the existing curtain track a thorough cleaning and they now draw so much smoother, it’s no longer a hassle. I still think we will change the track to a metal curtain pole when we do decorate, but this is certainly a fine option for now.

Overall, we’re really pleased. My partner scored them an 8/10 and I think I agree – just the feel of the fabric and the fact they’re still creased let them down ever so slightly. But no real complaints, and I would purchase them again in other colours for the spare bedrooms too.

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9 thoughts on “Review: Dunelm Mill Solar Black Out Curtains”

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  2. I purchased some Dunelm blackout curtains a few years ago. I’ve hung them on the line a few times and given them a shake but felt they need needed a clean. The label states dry clean only. My husband took them to three cleaners, and they all refused to touch them. Apparantly the lining comes away from the fabric hence distorting the curtain fabric, I thought I could wash them in the bath but apparently the same thing occurs. I e-mailed Dunelm who recommended Johnsons cleaners, but they were one of the companies I tried. I think the only thing I can do is remove the lining and wash the curtains. Regards Wendy

    1. Good luck if you attempt it!
      It’s something I’d not thought of – definitely worth bearing in mind before we purchase more curtains for the house!
      With these, the blackout effect lining is either attached, or at least sewn directly into the curtain and enclosed in the hems. I’m not sure if it’s a seperate layer or not. As they’re short and not often handled (except to open/close) hopefully they won’t need cleaning for sometime, but it’s worth thinking about! I have to be honest, I’m usually pretty brave with attempting to clean dryclean only fabrics, and more often than not, it works out fine. I wonder if upholstery cleaner/mousse could work too – I’ve had great success in the past with it.
      Thanks for stopping, and good luck again with your curtains. Let me know what you try and how it works out x

    2. I too bought these blackout curtains for my grandsons bedroom. I’ve now found nobody will dry clean them as the lining ruins both the curtains & the cleaning machine. Not exactly delighted with Dunelm Mill I have to say, although apparently Next also use this same lining.

      1. So sorry for the delayed response – had some issues recently with the comments.
        Definitely something to think about, and I have to say when I purchased them, I didn’t think about it enough. I’m not at the stage where they need cleaning yet, but I’ll update this if I find a suitable process.
        Thanks for sharing,

  3. I was happy with my dunelm beige blackouts. I had only had them up about 6 weeks when I decorated and bought a shade in duck egg to put up. after deciding to hang my others now, the lining was completely stuck together and has ripped when unfolding. I hope dunelm will refund.

    1. Oh no! Fingers crossed they will. Was that straight from the packaging? Definitely worth bearing in mind when I come to clean mine to not allow them to be left with the linings against each other. Such a shame to hear problems about this, as when they’re fresh up, they look great. Time will tell.
      Good luck sorting the refund,
      Ellen x

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