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When I bought this vase last September, the product description was still online at rice.dk (although they don’t have an online shop).

I hadn’t heard of the Danish brand before, but when I saw this vase in TK Maxx, I quickly googled them and found their website. There, they state,

“RICE is a Danish home wares and accessories company. We are known for our colourful melamine, handmade baskets and storage, and our hand glazed tableware.”

And I quickly fell in love with so many of their pieces. There’s a big variety of beautiful, pastel coloured, kitsch items, and I especially love their kitchen items. I mean, how adorable is this bunny embossed cake plate?!


The small vase, which retailed for around £14, was a bargain at just £3.99 in TK Maxx, especially as it was still available full price online. I purchased it because I liked it so much, the colour, the style, the feel of it. It’s from the American Glassware range, and designed as a vase, however, I’ve ended up using it as a toothbrush holder in the bathroom, as it was the perfect size and the colour matched wonderfully with the existing tiles (although the camera flash has wreaked havoc with the colours here).


The bathroom will probably be the last room we re-do in the house, it’s perfectly clean and functionable, just a little outdated, so for now I’m just grateful it’s at least blue and white and doesn’t have an avocado green suite!

Back to pretty though, here’s a couple more simply gorgeous items from RICE:

MESPO-6SGB_1Melamine Short Spoons

PLCAK-PG_1Cake Plate with DomeMESPL-SIBIR_1Melamine Side Plate

Sadly, the items aren’t available to purchase online, but they do have a very good international store locator on their website where ranges of their products are sold.

If I see any other items in TK Maxx, I’ll be sure to snap them up!

For now, with love,


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  1. Lol the first photo made me think ‘wow this vase looks like it’s from Heaven’. Then the one with the toothbrushes in it ‘…or good for the bathroom’.

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