Candle of the Month: December – Yankee Apple Cider


Wow, it’s January 3rd already, which means there were two months I didn’t manage to get a blog post up on here. I mentioned in the first post of this blog that we were moving house in the near future, and we’re sort of settled in now.
It feels very much like home, but there’s a lot of work to do and a lot of bare walls and barely-even-started DIY processes.

So while I sit here on a rainy grey January day, with bare breeze blocks on show and a ceiling only partly stripped, the Christmas decorations have already come down (what few I put up) and I’m enjoying the last burn of my ‘Christmas 2015’ candle.

This Christmas, I’ve only burned a single scent – Yankee’s Apple Cider. It’s a deliciously fruity, fairly sweet and spicy scent. It’s not quite as strong or wonderful as my all-time favourite – the now discontinued Pomegranate Cider – but it’s still festive and warm.

I did actually buy three variations of Price’s Mandarin & Ginger candles, as the mandarin gives off a wonderful Christmas clementine vibe, however we haven’t been at home all that much and with the current state of the decor, I haven’t felt the need to burn candles as often as I usually like to.

Fortunately, I think the Mandarin & Ginger is also a fresh enough scent to enjoy in Spring, and I’m already itching to get burning a New Year scent (and happy to have received such a candle as a Christmas present) so January’s Candle of the Month post (which I’ll put up in a couple of weeks time) will show that off.

One good thing about the last couple of months is I have come up with lots and lots of ideas for blog posts, so I can’t wait to get on and tell you about all the ideas and projects we have planned for the house. Getting the house how we like it will be a long and labour-intesive process, but I’m looking forward to it.

So for now, I’m going to relax a little longer, enjoy this candle and keep coming up with more ideas. Hope you all had a fantastic festive season and a great start to the New Year,

With love,




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